What we ask

The demands and aims of our struggle can be summarized briefly in nine key points:

Imider students protest march in defense of the right to education
Imider students protest march in defense of the right to education


1. Right to instruction: educational infrastructure adequate and accessible to all, even to limit the phenomenon of early school leaving.


2. Right to work: official employment opportunities in the company silver mine for the residents.


3. Right to health: healthcare infrastructure adequate and accessible to the people, restriction of harmful substances spread into air and water from the treatment of silver.

A group of activists shows what remains of an almond tree
A group of activists shows what remains of an almond tree


4. Pollution: the implementation of adequate control and a limitation of the use and spread of substances (mercury, cyanide, solid waste throw above ground and toxic dust…) harmful to the environment and health by the SMI.

5. Equitable distribution of water resources on the territory, respecting of the future generation needs.

6. Protection of the local economy, particularly the agricultural activity threatened by pollutants.

7. Sustainable development of our region, which also takes account of local needs.

Three activists of the Movement on the Road ’96 currently imprisoned.

8. Review of the issues related to the borders of the land exploited by the mining company (SMI has a problem of the price of land exploiting) and related to economic questions with the original owners citizens of the Municipality obliged by the mining company to leave their lands.

9. Open a fair investigation about Imider’s political arrests and stop the intimidation and arbitrary arrests of Movement on the Road ’96 activists by the authorities.



Each point of our demands is a basic right to survive with dignity

We invite all national and international organizations for Human Rights to support us in this peaceful protest, in order to stop the injustice, the arbitrary detentions against the Imider’s sons and restore the violated rights.

We invite all the officials involved in this story to show a spirit of responsibility and seriousness, in order to find a solution that satisfies all the sides, to stop all the marginalization policies against the population that threaten the social peace by sowing discord among the Imider’s inhabitants.

dossier des droits imider

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