Imider Spring !

“Sport, Art and Entertainment: Another way for peaceful resistance” is the slogan for the second edition of “Spring Days” organised by the Movement on the Road of 96, starting from Sunday 2nd April till 9th April in the Imider protest camp on the Alebban mountain.

Imider’s spring is upon us and the doors of the Alebban protest camp are open to everyone to be with us and participate in various cultural, sport and entertaining activities organised by the activists of Imider.

In parallel to these activities, the second edition of Imider Film Festival for Environmental Justice will be held thanks to our collaboration with Agora Cine-Club, which will participate in this year’s diverse activities.

Your attendance and participation in our activities that range from theatre, music, cultural and sport competitions, to different workshops for all categories will be a strong show of support and solidarity with the struggle of the communities in Imider who have been holding the protest camp for six years now.

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