Years of resistance without answers

Today Imider population organized a several activities for the children as stimulatory competitions (See the pictures), On the occasion of the new Amazigh year 2967, it knew the attend of all ages in this form of struggle and entertainment to celebrate together and protest in one of longest sit-in in the world which is still continues and it was ended by presenting motivational prizes for the winners in these activities, as well as the lifting of denounce slogans against the continuity of procrastination and ignore.

As we know Imider since august 2011 protest against a silver mining company (SMI) that settled near the villages of the common and that has been ignored by the Moroccan authorities.

The silver mine uses several dangerous toxic materials, such as mercury, zinc, cyanide among others, which has a big negative effects on our agricultural produce and human health, the condition of living of the Imider population is a concrete example of how tragic changes in the adjacent environment can have a negative effect on an ecosystem. Moreover, the fact that most of the local population rely on agriculture for their living, simply the population demand that the company should reconsider its policies and take in consideration the rights of locals in order to put an end to this situation and protect our lands from an eminent destruction and open doors for inhabitants to benefits from their wealth in their lands without policies of circumventing and Prevarications ….

The Imider case is a very example of human rights violation and its unacceptable anymore for deaf ear from the Moroccan authorities and Silver mine company (Managem).

Albban: 15/01/2017

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